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pierre, robes, does it constantly need someone to attack? >> the tea party is pretty d disparit. it's ant an organized group. but we see within the conservative movement, it's not just tea party types. you have the group club for growth which is financing primary cal engs to primary republicans and within the conservative side of the fence, you have this battle going on between what -- who is pure enough, what makes a true republican. in that case, they are starting to eat their own. we saw in the new york 23 special election a couple months ago. it's going to continue on. if they're going after the guy wofs the party candidate for president, you know, just a little over a year ago, it shows how serious it is. >> and the backlash against palin for doing that, too. what is the michelle bachmann dutch out and the two turning to the ethics community as their
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excuse? they must be scared tea partyists. >> listen, there was one conservative blog he said there was something scammy, that's his word, about the convention. and i think the smell has linlly reached washington. anybody who has an ounce of brains won't wanted to have anything to do with this convention. it's not just these high profile speakers pulling out. sponsoring groups and people doing workshops are pulling out. the whole thing could collapse. it could raise an issue for sarah palin, does she wanted to make that $15,000 or maybe pull out. >> oh, yeah that's a tough choice. an ounce of brain -- >> she just made $5 million. >> david corn, the washington bureau chief of "mother jones." that's "countdown" for this day. good night and good luck. now, to discuss tracey ullman's
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